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We’re creating products and resources for women considering breast augmentation.

Why we made Auggie

It all started in 2022 when our founder, Ashleigh DePopas, asked her friend what it was like to get a breast augmentation. Surprised to hear that her friend didn't like her results and had used rice bags to try on implants at home, Ashleigh wondered if there were more women with similar experiences. The answer was yes - and a lot of women don't talk about it.

What we believe

After interviewing hundreds of women and consulting plastic surgeons across the country, here is what we think:

Women should feel unapologetic about their bodies - natural or enhanced.

We’ve learned that millions of women consider breast augmentation at some point in their life. Whether it's a desire to feel sexy naked, have more curves, or feel proportioned - the decision to make an aesthetic enhancement is a deeply personal choice. Women need more tools and resources to empower their decision making. We’re helping women make that choice without the pressure.

“Try-before-you-buy”, especially for your boobs!

After deciding to get a breast aug, size is the next most important decision. Unfortunately, patients only get a few minutes during a consultation to try on implants and some surgeons don’t even offer try-ons! Many women have told us they leave the consult excited, but hoping they made the right choice. We’re giving women all the time they need to feel confident before making a life-time, body-altering decision.

“You’ll regret going too small” shouldn’t be standard advice.

This common phrase reinforces the challenge women face in confidently choosing their implant size. Bra cup sizes don't align with implant volumes, translating before-and-after photos is tricky, and while 3D imaging helps, it still doesn’t provide tangible results. While many women are glad they sized up, it’s not always the case. We personalize the sizing experience so women won’t regret going "too big" or "too small."

We’re your best friend for breast aug.

🍒 Educated decision making with online resources

🍒 Empowering choice with sizing at home

🍒 Better communication with your surgeon

Our Expert Advisory Board

Meet the Auggie Experts, our exclusive founding team featuring top plastic surgeons and medical device experts in breast augmentation & reconstruction.

Aldona Spiegel, MD

Chief, Division of Surgical Innovation. Professor of Plastic Surgery Houston Methodist Hospital

Wesley Wilson, MD

Board Certified Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, MBA, 30 years in Private Practice

Udo Graf

30 years in the Med Device Industry for Aesthetic Surgery. Former VP R&D at Mentor/J&J

How it Works

Our breast implant sizers were designed for women to try on implants in the comfort of their own home.

The Size Quiz

We’ve looked at the data and can help you understand what volumes could help you achieve your goals. Before and after photos just won’t cut it. .