How it Works

Simply select the breast implant sizes you want, choose a rental  period, try on Auggie, and return the kit when you're done.

A woman holding breast implant sizers at home.

How to select your sizes and rent a kit

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Take our size quiz

Tell us about your breast aug goals, and we’ll recommend a range of sizes for you.

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Select a sizing kit

Each kit includes 3 pairs of implant sizers, a bra , try-on instructions and a free return label.

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 Rent a Kit, try on at home

Select a rental period for your personalized kit, and try-on your sizers at home.

How rentals and returns work


Flexible Rental Periods

At checkout, select a 7-day or 14-day rental period and reserve the dates you'd like your Auggie kit to arrive.


Free, Easy Return Shipping

When your rental period is up, use the free return label and provided Auggie box to repackage the breast implant sizers for shipping.


Squeaky Cleaned

When a kit is returned, each sizer is carefully cleaned with a skin-safe disinfectant before being repackaged and sealed for the next customer.

Image of two women holding breast cancer awareness ribbons.

We support women fighting breast cancer

For every 10 Auggie kit rentals, a pair of Auggie sizers is donated to a mastectomy patient in need of breast prosthetics.  Auggie is dedicated to supporting breast cancer fighters and survivors on their healing journey.

 How to try on your Auggies

The best way to feel confident in your size selection is to spend time wearing implants! Explore our video guide for Auggie try-on tips and tricks.


Try on your clothes

Try on different outfits: V-necks, crew-necks, loose-fitting and tight-fitting shirts, and even chunky sweaters to see how different sizes complement your style.


Capture the Moment

Take Pictures! Documenting your preferences can aid your surgeon in understanding your desired look.


Feel  the Weight

Jump, jiggle, jog to experience the implants’ weight, ensuring comfort and confidence in every activity.


Test Your Lifestyle

Sleep, cook, or head out to dinner while wearing Auggie. Evaluate how you feel in your daily routines with breast implants.


Get Trusted Opinions

Seek advice from a trusted friend or partner. Discuss the pros and cons of each size to help guide your decision.

When should you use Auggie?

You can use Auggie sizers at any stage of your breast augmentation journey.

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Before a consult

If you’re curious about breast aug, but not ready to go to a consult, use Auggie to see if the procedure is right for you.

Doctor on consult

During your consult

Some plastic surgeons may have Auggies in their office or they’ll send you an Auggie Kit for a virtual consultation. If not, you can simply rent a kit online, and bring it with you

The auggie shipping box.

After your consult

After your surgeon recommends an implant size, rent a kit and use Auggie to help you make a final decision before the procedure.

Easy and Accessible Breast  Implant sizing

We’re making breast implant sizing at home easy and accessible. For the first time ever, women get wear sizers that are typically only available during consultations.  By renting Auggie breast implant sizers, women can spend all the time they need to feel confident about their implant size selection.

About Us

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How does the rental work?

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Select a specific rental time period (7 or 14 days) and choose the calendar dates you'd like to have your kit reserved. Once your rental period is up, simply use the free return shipping label and drop the Auggie kit at the shipping carrier's drop off location.

What is your return and late fee policy?

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All rentals must be returned on the designated rental return date. If you return the product late, you incur a $20/day late fee for every day the products are not received.

What is your refund policy?

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There are no refunds for rental orders once they have been fulfilled.

If you cancel your rental reservation 5 days prior to the scheduled arrival date, your order is eligible for a partial refund. A cancellation fee of $20 per rented item will be removed from the order total.

How do I cancel a rental reservation?

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Go to and select 'Request Return'. Your cancellation request will be assessed within 1 business day.