Breast implant sizers you try on at home.

A woman holding breast implant sizers at home.

Second guessing size is a thing of the past

We believe decision confidence is as important as body confidence. Our at-home try-on experience offers you:

🍒 More time to make the best size choice with your surgeon

🍒 Comfort and privacy to explore breast volumes at home

🍒 Low commitment to feel confident in a big investment

A woman holding breast implant sizers, and googling "what breast implant size should I get"

How to try Auggie sizers

Image of sizing quiz

Take our size quiz

Tell us about your breast aug goals, and we’ll recommend a range of sizes for you.

Image of Auggie shipping boxes

Select a sizing kit

Each kit includes 3 pairs of implant sizers, try-on instructions and a free return label.

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Try on at home

Select to 'Rent' or 'Own' your personalized kit, and we'll ship to your door!

Take the quiz to find your sizing kit

Our size quiz suggests a sizing kit based on your breast aug goals.

Why try implants before you buy implants?

📸 Better than before-and-after photos
You don’t have to guess what size works for you based on photos that aren’t you!

⏰ Take your sweet time
10-20 min try ons in a consult isn't long enough. Wear Auggie for a truly lived experience, in your clothes, and out & about.

👀 No pressure, not awkward
In the comfort of your home, you can figure out what breast aesthetic makes you feel best.  

💸 Wise investment for an expensive decision
Breast augmentations can cost $4-10k and require replacement surgery after 10-15 years.

Customer Reviews

We’re helping women make confident breast augmentation decisions.

"The sizers gave me so much insight on choosing my breast implant size. For your peace of mind, Auggie is totally worth it! "

- Kyle, 26

“Since college,  I’ve wanted implants. Auggie made the process approachable, and  I'm excited to save up for the procedure.”

-Mckenna, 31

“For years I've wondered if breast aug was for me. After trying on Auggies, I realized I love my boobs just the way they are."

- Ali,  31

What are breast implant sizers?

Auggie’s breast implant sizing system offers a range of silicone breast forms for women to explore and visualize different breast volumes on their unique silhouette.

Image of Auggie shipping boxes

Our First Generation Design

Three sizes of implants.

📏 The sizing system:

  • Six Sizes: We offer six volume options - 250cc, 300cc, 350cc, 400cc, 450cc, 500cc
  • Dimensions: Our first gen design, accommodates the most common breast base widths of of 10 -14 cm
An Auggie rental box

📦 The kit:

  • What’s in the kit? All kits include 3 pairs of sizers and try on instructions.
  • Renting the kit? Kits can be rented for 7or 14 days. For easy return shipping, the label is included.
A rotating image of the silicone sizer.

🍒 The sizer:

  • Made of silicone gel: to feel like breast tissue
  • Teardrop shape: designed to form around existing breast tissue and simulate contours of the breast

Our Expert Advisory Board

Meet the Auggie Experts, our exclusive founding team featuring top plastic surgeons and medical device experts in breast augmentation & reconstruction.

Aldona Spiegel, MD

Chief, Division of Surgical Innovation. Professor of Plastic Surgery Houston Methodist Hospital

Wesley Wilson, MD

Board Certified Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, MBA, 30 years in Private Practice

Udo Graf

30 years in the Med Device Industry for Aesthetic Surgery. Former VP R&D at Mentor/J&J

Find your sizing kit!

Our first generation design offers sizer volumes from 250cc up to 500cc in various kit combinations.

Image of Auggie shipping boxes

Empowering breast augmentation decisions

Auggie’s mission is to help women figure out if they want a breast augmentation and feel confident with their implant size selection.

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Image of two women holding breast cancer awareness ribbons.

We support women fighting breast cancer

For every 10 Auggie kit rentals, a pair of Auggie sizers is donated to a mastectomy patient in need of breast prosthetics.  Auggie is dedicated to supporting breast cancer fighters and survivors on their healing journey.

Rent a sizing kit!

Our first generation design offers sizer volumes from 250cc up to 500cc in various kit combinations.

Image of Auggie shipping boxes