Breast implants you can try on at home.

A woman holding breast implant sizers at home.

Second guessing implant size is a thing of the past

We believe decision confidence is as important as body confidence. Our breast implant sizers give you more time to make the best choice.

🍒 Made of silicone to feel like breast tissue

🍒 Matches weight and volume of implants

🍒 Forms around existing breast tissue

A woman holding breast implant sizers, and googling "what breast implant size should I get"

How to try Auggie, coming soon.

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Take our size quiz

Tell us about your breast aug goals, and we’ll recommend a range of sizes for you.

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Select a sizing kit

Each kit includes 3 pairs of implant sizers, a bra ,try-on instructions and a free return label.

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Rent a Kit, try on at home

Select a rental period for your personalized kit, and try-on your sizers at home.

Take the quiz to find your size

Our size quiz recommends a range of implant volumes a surgeon would consider based on your breast aug goals.

Try on testimonials

We’re helping women make confident breast augmentation decisions.

"Auggie gave me so much insight on choosing my breast implant size!"

- Kyle, 26

“Since I started college,  I’ve wanted implants, but never did anything about it. Auggie made the process approachable and  I'm excited to save up for the procedure.”

-Mckenna, 31

“After trying on Auggies, I realized I love my boobs just the way they are. For years I've wondered if breast aug was for me, now i don’t need too.”

- Ali,  31

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Empowering breast augmentation decisions

Auggie’s mission is to help women figure out if they want a breast augmentation and feel confident with their implant size selection.

The sizing kit is coming soon.

Our first generation design will soon be available in limited sizes and limited quantities.

Image of Auggie shipping boxes

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