Focus on the Right Breast Implant Size, Not Bra Cup Size

Discover the truth about bra cup sizes and breast implants - they're not as closely related as you might think! In this eye-opening article, we explore the inconsistencies in bra sizing, the factors that really matter when choosing implants, and how tools like Auggie can help you find your perfect fit.

March 22, 2024
5 min
Focus on the Right Breast Implant Size, Not Bra Cup Size

The disconnect between breast implant size and bra cup size

This may be a surprising fact, but there is no direct relationship between bra cup size and breast implant size. In fact, thinking about your breast goals in terms of cup size could mislead you to an outcome that doesn't meet your expectations. 

While bra cup sizes can serve as a rough starting point, it's the combination of a detailed consultation with your surgeon and the use of tools like: before-and-after photos, 3D imaging, and pre-operative sizing that ensures you can accurately communicate your goals and understand what your breast will look like post-procedure. 

Auggie is here to help you bridge the gap between bra-cup expectations and breast implant sizing so you can feel confident about the outcome going into your breast augmentation procedure.

The inconsistency of bra cups

Have you ever noticed you may be an A-cup at one bra brand and B-cup at another? That's because there is no standardized measurement for cup size in the bra industry. So, what's the deal with cup sizes anyway? Well, they're pretty much useless when it comes to planning a breast augmentation. Cup sizes are inconsistent and vary widely between brands, making them an unreliable way to communicate your breast goals with your surgeon. 

Imagine telling your surgeon you want to be a D-cup, but they interpret that as a "Victoria's Secret" D-cup, which is much smaller than your favorite brand's D-cup. Talk about a recipe for disappointment! This is exactly why surgeons don't use bra cup sizes to select implant size – there's just too much room for misinterpretation.

The relationship between breast implant volume and bra cups

There is a general rule of thumb that an increase of 150cc to 200cc in breast implant volume correlates to an increase of one bra cup size. However, this rule is a rough estimate and does not apply to everyone because we all have different bra band sizes. 

Let's compare two women: one wears a 40C bra, and the other wears a 32C. Even though they both wear "C" cups, the woman wearing a 40C will have significantly more breast tissue than the woman wearing the 32C. This is because the "40" and "32" refer to the bra band size, which is the measurement of the chest underneath the breasts. A larger band size means a larger chest, which correlates with more overall breast tissue. So, while both women may identify as having "C" cups, their actual breast size and volume can be quite different!

The importance of individual body shape

As we know, every woman's body is unique, and that's what makes us all so beautiful! When it comes to getting the breast augmentation results you've been dreaming of, the most important thing to keep in mind is how your individual body shape impacts the implant volume you need. Your height, existing breast tissue play a role, but there's another key measurement that surgeons care a lot about: breast width.

Why breast width matters

Breast width refers to the horizontal distance across the base of your breast, from the inner edge to the outer edge. This measurement can vary greatly from woman to woman, even among those with the same chest width. 

Imagine two women with identical chest sizes who have different breast widths. One might have a narrow breast width, with a more pronounced gap between her breasts and less natural cleavage. The other might have a wider breast width, with her breasts sitting closer together and creating more noticeable cleavage.

These differences in breast width can have a big impact on how breast implants will look and fit on each woman. A skilled plastic surgeon will take into account your unique breast width, along with other measurements to recommend an implant size and shape that will create proportionate results for your body.

Your surgeon's approach to implant size selection

Your surgeon will take precise measurements of your breasts to tailor the augmentation to your body and aesthetic goals. These measurements include:

  • Breast base width
  • Nipple-to-inframammary fold distance
  • Sternal notch-to-nipple
  • Existing breast tissue volume 
  • Skin elasticity

By using these measurements, your surgeon can determine the appropriate implant size and shape to achieve your desired results.

Surgeons also use various tools to help you visualize your potential results and make informed decisions:

  • Pre-operative sizers: Temporary implants you can try on during your consultation
  • Surgical implants: real implants, like those used in actual surgery,  are placed in your bra during your consultation
  • 3D imaging: Digital simulations of how different implant sizes and shapes will look on you
  • Before-and-after photos: Examples of previous patients with similar body types and goals

What to expect after your breast augmentation

It's difficult to predict exactly how your cup size will change after surgery, as bra sizing is not standardized across brands and styles. Your surgeon's goal is to help you achieve the look and proportions you desire, rather than aiming for a specific cup size. 

During your consultation, communicate your aesthetic goals clearly to your surgeon. Describe the look you want, whether that's a subtle enhancement or a more dramatic change. Share photos of results you like, and be open about any concerns you have. Your surgeon will take these factors into account, along with your unique anatomy, to create a personalized surgical plan that will help you achieve your desired outcome.

Auggie: Helping you find a perfect implant size

While communicating your goals with your surgeon is crucial, it can be challenging to fully understand how different implant sizes will look and feel on your body. Traditional sizing methods, like trying on implants in the surgeon's office, 3D imaging, and before/after photos, provide limited insight into how the weight and size of the implants will impact your daily life. That's where Auggie comes in – a breast implant sizing kit you can use at home.

Wearing Auggie in your everyday life can provide valuable insights that you can only get from experiencing implants firsthand. You can see how different sizes complement your body shape and work with your favorite outfits. By incorporating Auggie into your daily activities, you can assess how implant size enhances or inhibits your lifestyle and body confidence. This lived experience will help you make the most informed decision about size with your surgeon.

Like any other tool used for sizing, no solution can promise you exact results, not even Auggie. Your final outcomes depend on factors such as your unique anatomy, the surgical technique used, and how your body heals. However, by using Auggie to explore different sizes and discuss your preferences with your surgeon, you can feel more informed and confident in your decisions throughout your breast augmentation journey.

If you're ready to take control of your breast augmentation journey and feel confident in your decisions, consider giving Auggie a try. With Auggie by your side, you'll feel informed, empowered, and excited about your transformation every step of the way.