What are breast implant sizers?

Auggie’s breast implant sizing system offers a range of silicone breast forms for women to explore and visualize different breast volumes on their unique silhouette.

Our First Generation Design

Three sizes of implants.

📏 The sizing system:

  • Six Sizes: We offer six implant volume options - 250cc, 300cc, 350cc, 400cc, 450cc, 500cc
  • Dimensions: Our first gen design, accommodates the most common breast base widths of of 10 -14 cm
An Auggie rental box

📦 The rental kit:

  • What’s in the kit? All kits include 3 pairs of breast implants sizes and try on instructions.
  • Renting the kit? Kits can be rented for 7or 14 days. For easy return shipping, the label is included.
A rotating image of the silicone sizer.

🍒 The sizer:

  • Made of silicone gel which is similar, but not exact to the density and feel of silicone and saline implants
  • Teardrop shape: designed to simulate anatomical contours of the breast

What's next? Our Second Generation Design

We’re working with Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and Medical device experts to constantly improve Auggie sizers and offer more features like:

🍒 Smaller volume options for women with conservative goals

🍒 Larger volume options for  women wanting an extra-augmented look

🍒 Accommodate extra-narrow and extra- broad body frames

Our Expert Advisory Board

Meet the Auggie Experts, our exclusive founding team featuring top plastic surgeons and medical device experts in breast augmentation & reconstruction.

Photo of Aldona

Aldona Spiegel, MD

Chief, Division of Surgical Innovation. Professor of Plastic Surgery Houston Methodist Hospital

Photo of Wesley

Wesley Wilson, MD

Board Certified Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, MBA, 30 years in Private Practice

Photo of Udo

Udo Graf

30 years in the Med Device Industry for Aesthetic Surgery. Former VP R&D at Mentor/J&J

Auggie for Surgeons

Are you a plastic surgeon and interested in providing Auggies to your patients? We offer a few different ways to work with us.

Photo of doctor